Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing, b2b inbound marketing, inbound lead, inbound lead generation, inbound leads, inbound marketing campaign, internet marketing leads, online marketing leads, CRM, marketing automation tools, sales marketing databasesInbound marketing is considered to be a top way to turn random visitors into prospects. Nowadays, as the world is engulfed with this new digital era, inbound marketing is becoming a key aspect of the whole sales & marketing lead nurturing process. As you generate business opportunities that can be lead to a real sale, a large part of the marketing community adore inbound marketing’s ‘pull’ approach.

It is very important to keep your existing lead data clean so that you can focus entirely on your inbound marketing campaigns. But it is a troublesome activity to analyze whether your data is accurate, has any junk or insufficient information, etc. Marketers need to take utmost care in providing sales with ‘qualified sales ready’ leads instead of some junk data thus reducing their time in lead conversion.

With SMARTe you can:

  • Take full control over your inbound/web lead management by validating your lead details and filling the missing data blanks
  • Replenish outdated or junk information with the accurate details before you can pass them onto Sales
  • Standardize data as per your prescribed format for easy upload onto your CRM, marketing automation or any other marketing tool.

Now with our verified and enriched inbound lead data; you can properly segment and qualify, nurture the leads through focused campaigns, do proper follow-ups and eventually close your business deal!

CRM Data
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Majority of the Sales and Marketing departments hinge on tools such as customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, email marketing, etc. for driving their campaigns and manage the customer life cycle. These tools act as a primary source of your organization’s contacts, leads, and customers’ information warehouse. A sales & marketing campaign can only be successful if you entire data quality is accurate and up-to-date as it directly influences on your lead development process. Knowing this, regular cleaning and updating your existing contact data should be considered a top priority of your B2B lead generation plan.

Consider these:

  • You want your entire CRM and other systems is filled with verified and actionable contacts records – your data need periodic ‘health check-up’
  • You wish your CRM data to be accurate and relevant to your business – you need customized and ‘Good Data’

SMARTe optimized CRM data will

  • De-duplicate and combine identical records within the database along with standardizing the data formats
  • Preserve your database’s hygiene by checking its current status through our audit methodology
  • Prevent data decay of your database by monitoring, updating and enriching CRM data on an ongoing basis
  • Build campaign ready databases by labeling them appropriately and segmenting lists

Account Based Marketing
Account-based Marketing, Account Based Marketing, ABM, Ideal Audience Profile, Firmographic and Company level data, customers level databases, B2B marketers data, demographic and role-based contacts data
Consider this:

  • Cost of customer retention is always lower than acquiring new customers
  • Incremental /repeat business from key customers (Accounts) key to long term business sustainment
  • Critical to engage with customers and prospects on on-going basis

Thus, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is becoming a popular approach undertaken by B2B marketers.


In both the approaches marketers need

  • Firmographic / Company level data to target best fit companies
  • Identify decision makers and influencers within those accounts
  • Real-time intelligence on Ideal accounts to plan and execute appropriate marketing campaigns

How one should approach ABM

  • Define buyers’ personas and determine best-fit target audience
  • Relook at your existing data : what fraction matches your Ideal Audience Profile : should you go for refreshing existing data or you need new contact databases
  • Determine your value proposition; identify appropriate communication channels and translate to correct messaging

This will enable you to provide healthier dialogue and qualifying potential buyers, as it takes into consideration ‘best-fit’ organizational buying scenario of your prospect universe; apart from demographic/role-based qualification and engagement patterns.

Event Marketing
Functional (Marketing) Implementation Areas_EventMarketing
A solid marketing strategy is always build on a compact event marketing approach that helps in connecting to many prospective clients. Event marketing contributes an opportunity to showcase your branding and brand awareness activities along with creating new leads and target audience interactions which helps in client rendezvous. Whether you are hosting a small webinar, an executive level private get-together, or a comprehensive global tradeshow, event marketing should stand a fundamental share of your sales & marketing campaigns.

One of the key feature of tradeshow marketing is attracting the correct audience to your booth and creating reckonable return on your investments. In online events such as webinars & podcasts, it is just about growing the delegate registrations.

Even after having a ‘good’ booth design, it does not guarantee you will attract more footfall than others. For you have a major impact in generating your desired leads, you’ll need to:

  • Plan your campaigns by sending them personalized invitations, your offerings, special offers, etc.
  • Pre-plan your interactions with appropriate attendees to enrich your lead generation strategy
  • Build a complete profile of your target audience to initiate your communication
  • Track your booth visitors and follow-up with them as those could be the selected few who had shown direct interest in your offerings

SMARTe can assist you in appending and enriching your event database with verified, validated, updated and actionable information of your attendees; so as to improve your follow-up procedures and obtain maximum marketing spend benefits.

Marketing Intelligence
Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence solutions, Database, contacts
Marketers would agree that, generating required insights on the market and various players in it is a tough but unavoidable task. And making that insight ‘actionable’ is even challenging.

SMARTe can help you in conquering competitor information, their user-base, your existing customers as well as other important troupes within your target market. Through our real-time actionable Marketing Intelligence, you can:

  • Accurate company & contact information
  • Capture competitive energy in an interactive and results oriented environment
  • Locate and touch base with similar events attendees/sponsors/exhibitors to yours
  • Identify buying initiatives and beat competition using Installation Intelligence of your competitors
  • Target high propensity prospects using Competitive Intelligence of your competitive technology Install-base
  • Magnify Sales Opportunities and lead conversions using Install-base Intelligence on your competitors’ customers’ competitors


Prospect Profiling

Company and Executive Profiling, Smarte Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP), Company level profiling data, Prospect Profiling contact databases, Executive profiling contact dataKnow your potential buyers, influencers and brand advocates better today to establish a long term relationship. To discover your target audience profile, you’ll need to prepare a clear ideal prospect picture.

Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP) results from a mixture of company level and executive profile creation.

  • Company level profiling compiles all desired ‘firmographic’ details such as corporate facts, industry, service lines, economics, etc.
  • Executive profiling captures the professional journey of your prospects which includes job responsibilities, decision making, team hierarchy and social profiles, etc. besides the usual contact information.

Now with SMARTe prospect profiling, you can:

  • Analyze your prospect based on actual facts and formulate a campaign strategy or sales pitch
  • Save time from doing manual research yourself to understand your prospective buyer before every sales call
  • Design messaging to suit your audience profiles

Sales Intelligence
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Do you feel your sales team is occupying more time to qualify leads, instead of converting them? If you ask anyone from Sales, you will find that their more pressing aspirations are a constantly over flowing ‘Lead Funnel’ with correct prospects which is properly categorized and prioritized, a way to find immediate business opportunities without wasting too much time, discover market trigger events with targeted prospects, gathering enough facts before making a sales pitch.

SMARTe Sales Intelligence solutions helps you in prioritizing, ranking and segmenting the prospects information with your sales funnel. We discover and segment the markets, identify companies and decision makers that could have immediate needs of your offerings. We explore complete insights into what’s happening in your target account new investments, mergers, a move or any event that might create a genuine sales opportunity. We identify your low hanging sales opportunities through sales triggers, relevancy scoring and statistical modeling offering an extremely focused prospect pool that maps your sales efforts to opportunities showcasing your immediate sales strengths.

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