The global network security market is experiencing constant growth as a result of the growing virtualization of servers leading to adoption of newer network security solutions. Even small and medium sized businesses are now increasingly using network and security solutions. As there is an increase in complication of the IT infrastructure, more robust and comprehensive solutions will be required to ensure safety of network. Development in network technology to ensure better safety solutions is helping in the growth of the network security industry.

Majority of firms are now aware of vulnerability of data to cyber-attacks and this encourages the need for network security tools.

The continuous need for large number of quality leads, prioritized prospects and constant struggle for being the first to approach respective decision makers remain distinct industry trait.

In this dominant competitive world, the networking & security industry needs to stay ahead of target universe. It is very important for them to understand if an established technology is on the cusp of being overtaken by new technology. For this they need to be updated about the latest market trends and emerging technologies.

Specific Offerings:

  • Technology Intelligence – Providing accurate insights into competitors’ technology ecosystem, including aspects like hardware, applications, infrastructure, networking, security, data management, etc. It can be for finding technology landscape of ‘named accounts’, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies, etc.
  • Competitive Intelligence – Providing insights of competitive install-base scenarios for your target accounts. This includes direct or indirect competitors, partners/alliances, technology (product/services) which are complementary or supplementary, category of technology used, etc. It also gives you an insight into your competitors’ customers and companies similar to them.

Our client, a leading provider of web security and WAN optimization solutions, was looking for information on smaller companies which have lesser online presence. They wanted this information to be verified with the G10K list along with global contacts requirements from multi-lingual data sources. 


By using our Competitive Intelligence Agent (CIA), we helped the client to move their competitor’s user-base out of the slow lane; thus helping them to understand their target market better. We provided insight of user-base of their eight different named competitors in various specific market segments. In addition, our Contact Discovery solution assisted in sourcing and verifying contact data through web technologies and manual research teams (telephone and web research).

Our solution enabled the client to do trigger event based and account based campaigns improving manifold increase in their campaign response rate.


Few months back, our client who is one of America’s leading manufacturer of networking equipment, wanted to leverage our expertise to comprehensively source its named accounts data. These conceptions needed to be based on niche role sourcing across diverse locations.  


Through our Contact Discovery and Contact Append solutions, we assisted the client leveraging SMARTe’s focused web based crawlers and research methodologies (including phone research), each contact sourced was validated for accuracy and relevancy. Competitive installed-base sourcing (CIA) helped us to extensively research niche roles for North America, EMEA, APAC region.

Our unique combination of quality (enabled through proprietary technology and domain expertise) and nimbleness empowered the client with 6000+ companies and 19000+ contacts; making sure of their belief & vested time in SMARTe.

  • Data is VERY difficult to get right – finding the right organisation, the right contacts and methods to communicate are tasks that most B2B organisations continue to find a challenge. SMARTe had been in contact with me for some time and when we had a specific challenge in providing high quality data for a competitive installed base campaign to our EMEA inside Sales team, I approached SMARTe to support us in developing a list of competitors, target audience and direct phone numbers. I had not expected the quality of data that we received. Out Inside Sales team, who had received calling data from marketing for many campaigns, gave glowing praise for the data that SMARTe had sourced for us, and found that the contacts were relevant, the phone numbers were accurate and they were able to show a ROI of 1:39 – which is amazing! I would certainly be recommending SMARTe for custom list builds, as they are the ONLY data vendor I have worked with where the data quality was better than our expectations.

    Ikram Ghani, Director, Global Marketing Operations, CenturyLink Technology Solutions
  • SMARTe worked with us as a ‘Global Data Partner’, delivering contact data across 50+ countries across regions including Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Through their contact discovery solution they custom-built contact lists for a range of non-traditional industries including tyre manufacturers, tea producers and biofuels. The level of accuracy was extremely high and the use of contact data delivered by SMARTe not only saved us significant time but led to an immediate increase in the response rates to our marketing campaigns and ultimately to higher sales volumes.

    Derek Cox, Managing Director, Esmerk
  • SMARTe’s Contact Discovery facilitated one of our Accounts Based Marketing campaign by catering us accurate contact data from focused industries like Gaming and e-commerce in EMEA and Russia. We at Akamai have found SMARTe’s approach to sourcing and verifying data very effective, providing accurate and relevant contact data customized to our specific business requirements.

    Varun Gopalakrishnan, Regional Marketing Manager, Akamai Technologies
  • SMARTe has been instrumental in us gaining traction in new commercial markets; not only have they provided high quality contacts for the US, but also utilized advanced processes to cross language barriers. They have delivered high quality B2B contacts for Europeans well. With niche titles sought by us at a global level, SMARTe has been able to cater our unique requirements. Their work has shortened the lead qualification process and we look forward to a continued partnership with the SMARTe team.

    Hannah Grap, Senior Director, Marketing Communications, SDL
  • SMARTe’s on-demand contact discovery model minimized our investment in finding relevant, validated and complete contact details across our prospects. SMARTe has proved itself functionally and technically by refreshing and enriching our entire contact database within the CRM on an ongoing basis. Working with SMARTe, we have tripled our B2B contact list while increasing the accuracy of information from 25% to over 80%. These changes have resulted in a significant improvement in open and click through rates for our email campaigns.

    Kristen Knouft, Former SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Procurian (Now a part of Accenture)
  • Sanjay and the SMARTe team are excellent resource. In a field full of vendors claiming to have the ‘best database with the most accuracy’ and where 99% of companies don’t come close to their claims; SMARTe stands out in that 1%. The database he built for us in North America and Europe is spot on, accurate and fast. Sanjay’s a joy to work with. His easy going style and constant sharing of best practices and tips has helped us get the most out of our investment. I will use Sanjay and SMARTe again and again and highly recommend him.

    Christine Crandell, Former SVP of Marketing , Accept Software (Acquired by Artemis)
  • There are a number of alternatives in the world of Lead Generation services. Sanjay and SMARTe stand out from this crowd in many ways. Sanjay was willing to work with us when we were much earlier stage company than we are today and when we were still exploring a market. Even though this probably meant more work in generating appropriate and meaningful leads, he took on the task. His team delivered on time quality work through the entire duration of our project. Most importantly, Sanjay was personable, always available and willing to be understanding and accommodating to the business model needs of our company. I strongly recommend SMARTe and its demand generation solutions to any organization.

    Swami Viswanathan, Former VP of Products, SDL

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