Multiple Databases. Multiple Platforms. Multiple Applications. What's the solution?
SMARTe’s Competitive Intelligence gives life to every new idea that you share and bridges gap between expectations and deliverables!


Audience and Delegates Database

SMARTe provides the best quality audience and helps you fuel your advertising campaigns and aid audience development efforts.

  • 100% accuracy guaranteed under SLA
  • Measurable increase in ROI
  • Validated, verified and updated contact database
  • Customized to suit target audience
  • Fuel advertising campaigns and aid audience development initiatives

Business Contact Database

SMARTe provides you role-based, custom-built contact lists and helps you locate industry specific decision makers and influences who are interested in your products and services.

  • 100% accuracy guaranteed
  • Turn B2B leads into opportunities
  • Validated, verified and updated contact database
  • High returns on investment
  • Customized–to-fit

Target Account List

SMARTe can help with segmentation of prospects by delivering target account list, thus reaching out targeted audience specifically. Gain maximum conversion rate while holding validated, verified and update target account list.

  • 100 % quality guaranteed
  • Detailed target account profiling
  • Customized target account list building
  • Validated, verified and updated contacts
  • ROI maximizer

Field Marketing List

Holding SMARTe built field marketing list will help loading your sales team with qualified leads and run successful campaigns effortlessly, thus achieve high ROI.

  • 100% quality guarantee under SLA
  • Targeted field marketing list
  • Customized to fit
  • High return on investment
  • Regular refreshes and updating

Trade Show Marketing List

SMARTe’s trade show marketing list will help inviting only the targeted customers and high probable prospects to your trade show that will increase their chances of conversion.

  • Pre and post trade show marketing list appending
  • 100% quality promised
  • Increase conversion rate guaranteed
  • Highly customized
  • Multi lingual trade show contact list

Webinar Marketing List

SMARTe can build your Webinar Marketing List efficiently and help you run highly targeted webinars, ensuring higher returns on investment for your business.

  • 100% data accuracy
  • Pre and post webinar list appending
  • Ensured higher returns on investment
  • Tailor-made webinar marketing list
  • ROI maximizer

Email Marketing List

Right and active email ids remain the soul for any successful email marketing campaigns. SMARTe understands the need and can equip your business with quality rich email marketing list to get desired revenue returns.

  • 100% guaranteed data accuracy
  • Segmented opt-in email marketing list
  • High lead generation
  • Quality reliability and scalable returns
  • Customized-to-fit

Marketing Campaign List

Verified, validated and updated contact list remains the sole important ingredient for the success of marketing campaigns, and SMARTe understands this need to the best. We deliver rich and actionable sales leads to help your business fetch high returns on investment.

  • Generate actionable leads
  • Rich and targeted data marketing campaigns fuel
  • Customized marketing campaign list
  • 100% high return on investment
  • Active and updated contact list under SLA

Sales Campaign List

Only a good sales campaign list can help reduce sales cycle and add fuel to sales pipeline. SMARTe can custom build sales campaign list for your business to reach high probable prospects and targeted customers, and keep ROI bucket flowing.

  • Custom-built sales campaign list
  • 100% accuracy under SLA
  • High quality leads
  • Measurable returns on investment
  • Upward trend in ROI

Global Contact Database

If lack of multi lingual contact database is wasting your marketing and sales efforts, then choose SMARTe and be equipped with B2B global contact database to gain high ROI.

  • Validated, verified and active B2B global contact fuel
  • Multi lingual global contact database
  • 100% data accuracy under Service Level Agreement
  • Highly Customized
  • ROI maximizer

B2B Database Append

SMARTe can help with B2B database appending to ensure all contact details are verified, validated and updated to meet business goals effectively.

  • 100% quality guaranteed
  • Multiply ROI
  • Increase sales leads
  • Reach targeted prospects
  • Reduce sales cycle and aid marketing campaigns

B2B Email Append

SMARTe’s B2B email append services can equip your business with right and active email addresses, to deliver the right message directly into the customers and probable prospects’ mailboxes. Furthermore, you can also expect to get immediate response and quick increase in ROI.

  • 100% quality assurance
  • Regular refreshes and updating
  • Increase business ROI
  • Highly Customized
  • B2B opt-in email append