Contact List Building

List Building, CRM Data Cleansing, Contact List Building, Targeted marketing campaigns, phone validated contact database, Customized List Building, Customized List Research, business contact List Research, Telephonic Data Verification, Opt-in data, industry based contact databasesSMARTe’s ContactGenie can help you run targeted marketing campaigns by providing a customized list of recipients, as per your business demands. You can classify and define specific industry customers and prospects and leave it to SMARTe’s team to provide you 100% accurate and phone validated contact database.
What you need to provide us?

  • Ideal prospect profiles based on geographies, role descriptions, titles, industry verticals, SIC codes, specific company focus, a subset of criteria, and others
  • Existing contact database (to enrich or suppress)
  • List of Tradeshows, Conferences, Associations, Publications, Blogs from your industry
What we provide you

Custom-built, Complete and relevant contact lists marketing campaign list with guaranteed accuracy under SLA to aid your specific business needs through

  • Customized List Building / List Research
  • Named List Research / Unnamed List Research
  • Telephonic Data Verification and Updation
  • Opt-in data as per country specific requirements

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is robust, methodical and systematic approach for contact database enrichment on a regular basis. SMARTe data cleansing services extract, de-dupe, standardize, analyze, validate and enrich contact data. Our team of domain experts shall validate all contact details to ensure they are most recent and complete.

  • CRM Data Cleansing and Data Structuring: your repository reflects relevant, customized and validated data only
  • Database Enrichment, and discovery of missing information e.g. Email Append, Phone Append
  • Standardize and clean-up contact entries
  • De-duplicate and merge duplicate records within the contact database
  • Monitor, update and enrich Contact Data on an ongoing basis
  • Replenish leads and prevent data decay of your database

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