We at SMARTe strives to provide the best quality contact databases and actionable intelligence to marketing and sales people across the globe. We aspire to be the one-stop-shop for all B2B data and prospect insight needs; facilitating effective and timely direct marketing campaigns of our customers. More importantly, we aim to bridge the gaps between marketing and sales folks, providing seamless and improved movement of prospect data across the lead life-cycle.

Our offerings can be broadly classified into:

Contact Databases, ContactGenie, Smarte inc

Contact Databases (ContactGenie)

Regardless of size and type of the organization, the future of your business depends upon identifying the right people and contacting them at the right time. Reach out to SMARTe for the next generation contact discovery and append solutions that can help you with high quality, role based and custom contact databases to increase efficiency and productivity of your various marketing campaigns

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Marketing Intelligence, InfoGenie, Data Discovery Appending Solutions

Marketing Intelligence (InfoGenie)

Business/Market Information is just like an Iceberg, which you can only view fraction above the waterline and the rest submerged in water. Likewise, you will always find the most valuable and critical information be hidden. To find this information you will need help of special resources and methods (think about a deep sea diver for exploring an iceberg!)

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Sales Intelligence solution, ProspectGenie, ROI, Triggers

Sales Intelligence (ProspectGenie)

SMARTe’s Sales Intelligence solution can identify the ‘low hanging’ opportunities through Sales Triggers, relevancy and statistical modeling. SMARTe deploys next generation Focused Crawler technologies to harness the relevant trigger event information from the globe

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Cloud Based Platforms, Databases Solutions, Bespoke Contacts

Cloud Solutions (Bespoke Contacts)

Now get all inclusive contact data and Sales & marketing intelligence solutions through the World’s First Cloud Based Custom Contact Data Platform. With unique features, Bespoke Contacts makes sourcing and managing your marketing data fun!

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