How important is appending data in a CRM? If you know the contact and company, does the rest really matter?

Are you confident about your CRM data and other sales and marketing tools contains quality information? Not sure! How long it has been that you haven’t cleaned up your CRM data? Managing data quality on ongoing basis is surely a task, you might face challenges while managing those.

Companies are found to be investing greatly in B2B lead generation and managing the lead life cycle. However, few of the main aspects of lead generation strategy including cleanliness and updating of contact database are overlooked; which remain explicitly essential for lead generation campaign success.

Whether using CRM like, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, or SAGE etc.; or Marketing Automation Like Eloqua. Pardot, Marketo, LeadFormix, Siverpop, Act-on etc.; your campaign or lead management would be ‘only as good as the data in it;!

A large database devoid of regular refreshes is most likely to comprise of duplicate, invalid, incomplete and stale contacts

Data Quality directly impact direct marketing campaign ROI

SMARTe CRM Data append is aimed at creating a customized data review and cleansing process for your specific needs to ensure that data is cleansed at the source, as well as periodically refreshed. We understand the critical checks on the data that you may need in order for the lead data to be useful and structure a process around that.

Few typical data hygiene issues
  • Out dated data – not refreshed regularly
  • Contacts in database change jobs or roles frequently
  • Wrong data captured – like email id’s (hard bounce) and phone no (call not going through)
  • Change in contact details
  • Wrong tagging and classification – resulting improper lead qualification and management
SMARTe method

We believe that, even before one chooses to clean-up or revamp contact data residing on CRM or other marketing/sales systems; knowing the current status of data is of paramount importance. A proper understanding of current data status and identifying the relevant data to clean-up is as important as the data append process itself! So we at SMARTe offer comprehensive audit on CRM data to identify the right contacts to clean and enrich.

  • Clean-up only data relevant as per your current criteria
  • Save Turnaround Time; pay only for Good Data
  • Identify and discard historical irrelevant data

After we identify the appropriate data for appending, through our phone validation and other verification tools will fill in the incomplete data, verify the wrong information, fill-up the gaps of missing data. Now different companies have different CRM tools so their formats also differ, irrespective of any formats SMARTe can put your enhanced data in your preferred format.

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