SMARTe-solutions…SMARTe-offerings_Contact-Databases_SMARTe-Consent_Icon01SMARTe’s Consent is a smart way to gather opt-in data for your business. Digital Marketing communication specially through e-mail is governed by country/region specific regulations or Spam acts. Digital marketing communication are broadly categorized into Individual Business to Consumers (B2C) and Corporate Business to Business (B2B).

Specifically to B2B communication – many countries require ‘Opt-out’ option for all marketing/commercial messages as a minimum requirement; whereas certain countries require prior consent (opt-in).

  • B2B regulations are a bit ambiguous than B2C; so one should consult with experts for implementing Email marketing strategy
  • Many data providers claim to provide available prior ‘opted-in’ data! Question to ask is – Are these consent specifically given for your business? OR are these contacts relevant to your business!

SMARTe-solutions…SMARTe-offerings_Contact-Databases_SMARTe-Consent_Icon03 (1)At SMARTe, we apply various methods and tools to collect various types of opt-in data as per customers’ requirements and specifications. We have experience with technical know-how on all types of email opt-in process. So whether you require Assumed Opt-in (Opt-out), Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in; SMARTe Consent can do it for you.

Why for the need for opt-in data?

  • Legal compliance as per country specific norms
  • To avoid spamming and black listing by ISP’s
  • Improve email deliverability (less bounces)
  • Focus on relevant and interested target audience
  • Better ROI on email marketing campaigns

So for all your permission based marketing or Opt-in email data requirements, check out our niche solution SMARTe Consent.

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