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Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire; it wafts across the electrified borders

Organizations of all sizes and target market face similar kinds of challenges regarding managing Business and Sales & Marketing Intelligence.

Business/Market Information is just like an Iceberg, which you can only view fraction above the waterline and the rest submerged in water. Likewise, you will always find the most valuable and critical information be hidden. To find this information you will need help of special resources and methods (think about a deep sea diver for exploring an iceberg!)

As a Business Leader or Sales & Marketing Professional does any of the following challenges look familiar in your day-to-day work

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  • Lack of timely and effective tracking of industry happenings, trends, etc.
  • Insufficient information on customers, competitors, influencers in the industry
  • Gathering ‘actionable’ market intelligence
  • Understanding the user-base/ installed-base of your competitors, partners or similar companies in your business segment

Gather Market Intelligence, Track Competitors – the better way to do it

SMARTe brings to you InfoGenie to provide one-stop solution for all your marketing intelligence needs. Our data and insights are contextual making them highly actionable as marketing campaigns. Ours is an exciting way of knowing about your competitors, customers and also customers of your competitors. Marketing Intelligence solution leverages SMARTe’s proprietary web crawling technology, proven research methodologies and extensive domain experience of research teams; to be able to address your specific pain areas and provide accurate and timely information.

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Broadly, our Marketing Intelligence covers in four different aspects, those are:

Marketing Competitive Intelligence Agent, b2b marketing campaigns

Competitive Intelligence Agent

In this category, we provide insight of competition list of customers (Competitive Install-base), helping you reaching out to similar organizations like your existing customer base. It also gives you an insight to your competitor’s customers and their competitors.

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direct marketing database, Marketing Technology Intelligence Agent

Technology Intelligence Agent

In this category, we provide intelligence on companies using technology infrastructure within enterprises. This would help in targeting users of your competitor’s technology and their competitive landscape; as well as user-base of complementary/similar technology.

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Audience Marketing Intelligence Agent, marketing campaigns solutions,  marketing database, marketing segmentation

Audience Intelligence Agent

In this category, we provide insights on attendees participating in competitor’s events or other similar events in the industry /domain. Help targeting attendees of your competing events or closely related events/tradeshows; for participation and sponsorship

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Geo Database, Localization Intelligence Agent, marketing contact, marketing database, marketing segmentation

Localization Intelligence Agent

In this category, here we provide insights on discovering country wise or local level presence of target accounts as desired by our customers. This includes a complete information of the target account like  organization information country wise, state, wise, province wise, etc.

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How can you leverage our Marketing Intelligence solution InfoGenie
  • Accurate company information: We ensure all the company level data is gathered and verified as per your requirement. Identifying the correct companies and compiling accurate firmographic data ensure that your marketing efforts are in right track. We Capture market landscape in a wider way, covering partners, complementary/similar companies, emerging new players apart from tracking direct competitors. So avenue for your marketing efforts get enlarged
  • Magnify Sales Opportunities and lead conversions using Install-base Intelligence on your competitors
  • Our niche Audience Intelligence enables you to identify and reach out to attendees/sponsors/exhibitors of similar events organized or attended by you.
  • With InfoGenie TIA , you can get insights into complete installed infrastructure landscape within your target accounts; or of your competing, complementary and supplementary technology.

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