SMARTe is in the business of turning data into insight and have noticed that marketers still face a lot of challenges around data. According to a recent survey, about 80% of data is unstructured and also decays at a high rate. So marketers tend to end up with hardly 20% of what’s out there. This drives them to constantly innovate and find new ways to deal with such problems.

“With RC turn your unstructured contact data to clean, validated, parsed, normalized and segmented” with Relevant Contacts

Relevant Contacts

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Relevant Contacts is a cloud based platform wherein users’ can search and download by niche industry keywords to target exact industry segment as per their criteria. It aspires to make contact data management hassle free through unique features like real-time data, relevancy scoring – hyper-segmentation, robust level/function hierarchy, social intelligence insights, analytics and many more.

By harnessing the Big Data/ Data Science world, Relevant Contacts collates contact and company information from all over the web. Once done, it applies 1000+ data/process rules to build a robust and accurate repository of context-rich, clean, normalized and deduped data.

With this strategic launch of ‘Relevant Contacts’, SMARTe’s customers can now further streamline their data needs through a self-service model, resulting in high accurate data with much better match rate and greater insights to their required information. This cloud solution will be available in five different subscription models to suit diverse data needs from start-ups to large enterprises.

So subscribe to our Relevant Contacts platform that will grow as your needs grow with hands-on control to your own dedicated web portal that will help you in managing your sales & marketing efficiency.

Most other products offer a flat structure, due to their inability to go beyond job titles and are prone to incorrect targeting. But Relevant Contacts provides a strong Level/Function tree structure, along with an option to search by keyword. This allows the user to access diverse job titles.


Real Time Download - Refresh

Real-Time Download/Refresh

While other products have a low refresh frequency, our data is refreshed weekly, monthly and quarterly based on country and region.

Target Industries at Granular Level

Target Industries at Granular Level

Relevant Contacts provides a rich set of industry tree. Users get an option to drill down to primary and secondary industry segments.

Robust Level, Function Hierarchy

Robust Level, Function Hierarchy

Most other products offer a flat structure, due to their inability to go beyond job titles and are prone to incorrect targeting.

Competitor - Partner Install Base

Tap Competitor/Partner Install Base

We also provide product selection feature and display similar products.

Provides Much Better Match Rate

Provides Much Better Match Rate

We are able to deliver better data match, which results in better Data Enrich success rate.

Relevancy Scoring

Relevancy Scoring

The robust relevancy scoring attribute, and our ability to go beyond job titles contributes to a thorough hyper persona segmentation.

Rich Database of OntologiesRich Database of Ontologies

This has helped make Relevant Contacts an ideal enterprise data discovery platform.

Diversified Company TaxonomyDiversified Company Taxonomy

With deep domain expertise we normalize/dedupe our master database with exact taxonomy.


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Relevant Contacts

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