Methodology and Enablers

Cutting edge Technology and thorough Human verification

Define Target Criteria

Identify target audience through their geography and roles along with the target company count

Data Audit & Analytics

We examine your existing
in-house contact data from various sources like CRM, marketing automation and other marketing tools and provide wish-list of data enrichment (new fields, verification, etc.)


Collate and segregate data through proprietary web crawling technology; other data collection methods like online surveys, web research, etc.

Screening and Human Validation

Our data then flows through a ‘multi-layer’ validation process through our industry research experts, tele-verification and quality checks by domain experts


You will get 100% accurate and consolidated database with major data gaps filled

SMARTe Enablers

We utilize various data collection approaches through online surveys, opt-in campaigns (through email, telephone or web forms/landing page), email sourcing & verifier tools, etc.

Focused Web Crawling

SMARTe’s proprietary crawler solution fetches website pages starting from seed URLs and then extracting other links on those pages. It accesses the page content and uses SMARTe’s proprietary classification solution to identify the pages of interest such as management pages, events page or press releases. SMARTe’s proprietary extracting solution then extracts entities such as person names, job titles, email addresses, phone number, etc. from the classified pages.

Email Finder

SMARTe’s proprietary email finder solution finds the pages from the World Wide Web (WWW) where an email with a particular domain is mentioned. Then by using its crawling technique it will access the page content to extracts the email addresses from it.

Email Verification technology

SMARTe’s verification technique uses a set of commands to verify the existence of email address by sending requests to mail servers. It doesn’t send any real emails and hence doesn’t SPAM the mail box of the user of the email address in context.

Email Auto Guesser

SMARTe’s email auto guesser relies on the vast pool of contacts residing in it master database to deduce a most likely email pattern for company and then it auto guesses the email addresses of the contacts from that company even if they don’t exist in the SMARTe’s contact database.