ROI Scenarios

Email Campaign

Are you looking to increase open-rates of your email campaigns? Worried about high bounce backs and depressing response-rates due to old and dirty contact database? We can come to your aid by delivering highly accurate and validated email addresses in order to make your email campaigns a hassle-free, yet rewarding experience.

Email Marketing is one of the key aspects of internet marketing, and can generate unbeatable ROI only if you are holding the right list of email addresses.

SMARTe can help you run successful campaigns and implement effective pull-marketing strategy by providing you targeted and accurate email contact database. These enriched and validated contacts from us can drive your campaigns to success and pull the trigger for increasing ROI.

We understand the need for customization. We replenish your database with multi-validated email contacts of your targeted prospects, customized to suit your specific business needs and aid your campaign’s deliverability.

SMARTe’s ROI Maximizer Benefits through Email Campaign Marketing List:

  • Direct prospect targeting
  • No more email soft bounces
  • ‘Opt-in’ email addresses only
  • Boost email open rates and click-through rates
  • Enhance lead conversion rates
  • Quick and measurable email campaign results

Webinar/Tradeshow Campaign

Webinars have become popular lead generation platform across various industries as they give you an opportunity to create a sense of event around your ideas, values and information. They attract attention and build traffic because your customers get to hear from you directly and interact with you personally. However, the success of webinar campaigns largely depends upon their pre-event set up – the attendee list. If you are thinking of an easy and economical escape for webinar attendee list acquisition to drive more sales and ROI, then think SMARTe.

Research says, one can expect about 5% of invitees to register while only 30-50% of them to attend the webinar. This means, if you are inviting 20,000 to your webinar, approximately 1000 are likely to attend the event. Your 60-minute webinar can turn into ROI maximizing machine, only if your attendee list comprises of the right set of target accounts. We can turn this daunting process of driving quality registrations to your online event into an effortless task by helping you build a customized list of contacts as per your business requirements. Our delivered contact lists contains 100% accurate and phone validated contact details that will ensure you have actionable data. These selective attendees and registrations can generate hot leads and create a wealth of opt-in contact database for your business, adding significant value to the marketing ROI.

SMARTe’s ROI Maximizer Benefits through Webinar/Tradeshow Marketing List:

  • Generate 100% accurate and qualified leads
  • Nurture business relationships
  • Market your events effectively and increase attendee count
  • Pre & Post Event Invitee List
  • Post Event follow-up
  • Measurable Goals

Inside Sales Campaign

If you think your Inside Sales team’s connect is high and do not need help with present database, then think again! Does their dials really ends up with your prospective decision makers? The process usually starts from struggling with operators, innumerous cold calls, several unanswered voicemails, and ends with the idea of dropping off the account from your prospect list. All this and more can be avoided, if you have the validated contact database. Our customized Inside Sales Campaign Lists can equip you with clean and comprehensive data for your B2B sales pipeline, a definite passport to high ROI.

SMARTe’s ROI Maximizer Benefits through Inside Sales Marketing List:

  • Uncompromised data quality with bulk quantity
  • Database at your fingertips anywhere you go
  • Tailor-made to suit your specific business needs
  • Maximize growth and ROI on your sales & marketing campaigns