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February 15, 2011
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Do you Aspire going Global? Is your Contact Database Ready for That

What’s global presence? Its having multiple local presence.

It’s simple – you need entry points at local levels all across to play global. have to play ‘Glocal’  (Global+LOCAL) in the market – Global presence, local penetration. You might have your strategies in place, have the right offering for the market, but do you have a database of your target audience in the market at local level? That local level can be country, State or even city specific – based on the nature and size of your target audience business.

Decentralized decision making

More and more decisions are being made at local levels for businesses with multi-locations. Identifying the right decision maker at location level becomes very important to expanding your business in that market. Target your marketing niche anywhere on the planet and build a strong contact database.

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What are the typical roadblocks to building a truly global contact data

  • The lingual barrier – sourcing and verifying contact data in non- English speaking countries is a definite hindrance
  • Overcoming non-US, non UK barrier – historically contact data compiled and made available for USA and UK as standard data.
  • Looking beyond Big Players – if you would like to reach out to organizations not in lists like Fortune 1000, Forbes Global 2000, etc, chances of coverage and accuracy in standard dataset becomes exponentially lower!
  • No standard rule for naming professional roles (designations): A Marketing Director can be a Marketing Manager in two different countries. Moreover, country/location specific decision maker can vary.

So what you need

  • You need to  adopt a new approach – Discovering a correct and relevant contact instead of dumping a stale standard dataset into your marketing/sales campaigns
  • Build in-house expertise in sourcing and cleaning up data for global market (read addition of multiple local markets) OR partner with a service provider who can built the data for you as per your criteria. There are a few providers out in the market!

SMARTe offers:

ContactGenie is a proven Contact Discovery, Data Validation and Appending solution  which has delivered customized data for various client specific requirements across 185+ countries in last few years.  You can get a clean and complete global database with a guarantee of accuracy, by tailored list building with a combination on technology and human touch.

To know more on ContactGenie click here

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