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Top Cognism Alternatives 2023

Niraja Kadakuntla
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In today's competitive business landscape, sales and marketing teams are constantly seeking tools and platforms to streamline their lead generation and prospecting efforts. One such tool that has gained considerable attention is Cognism, a popular sales intelligence platform. However, it's always wise to explore alternatives and evaluate which one best suits your specific needs before making a decision. In this article, we will explore the top Cognism alternatives that can help you boost your sales and marketing efforts.

Why Consider Cognism Alternatives?

While Cognism offers a range of features and benefits, there are several reasons why you might be looking for alternatives. These include concerns about the relevancy and accuracy of the data provided, pricing considerations, and the need for additional features that Cognism may not offer. By exploring alternatives, you can find a tool that better aligns with your specific requirements and goals.

Top Cognism Alternatives

1. SMARTe– Global Sales Intelligence

Here’s why you should switch to SMARTe:

SMARTe offers globally accurate and compliant B2B data tohelp revenue teams connect with the right buyers at the right time.

Key Features:

  • Accurate and up-to-date global contact and company database (226M+ contacts from 20M companies)
  • The best mobile phone number coverage in the US, EMEA, APACand LATAM (70% mobile number availability in NA and 45-50% across EMEA, APAC& LATM).
  • The most complete and accurate data in the NA & EMEA.
  • Unlimited prospecting for sales users.
  • Technographics and job change updates
  • CRM and sales engagement integrations

What data coverage does SMARTe have?

SMARTe has a global data coverage with valid business emails, direct dials and mobile numbers.

Calculate your TAM.

Where does SMARTe get its data?

We gather publicly available information only and do not scrape any information that is not public access. SMARTe aggregates data from a variety of publicly available sources including Corporate Websites, Tradeshows, Conferences, Publications, News Releases, Annual Reports, Technical Papers, List Directories, Social and Professional Networks and some 3rd party data sources. We operate like search engines do - crawl and index publicly available data for ease of use.

How much does SMARTe cost?

SMARTe has a free license and few data licenses that are priced per user.

We are half the price of ZoomInfo and Cognism.

We aim to help you with your data needs and that includes transparent contracts and pricing. Check out our pricing.

SMARTe has the following:

Is SMARTe GDPR compliant?

SMARTE is GDPR, CCPA and SOC2 compliant.

As per GDPR directives, we also send opt-out notices to the datasubjects on rolling basis and provide them with an ability to be removed fromour master database.

2. SalesIntel - Accurate and Comprehensive B2B Data

SalesIntel is a powerful alternative to Cognism that offers accurate and comprehensive B2B contact and company data. With over 20 million companies and 14 million human-verified contacts, SalesIntel provides users with high-quality data to empower their sales and marketing efforts. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities, making it easy to find the right contacts for targeted outreach and personalized marketing campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Over 20 million companies and 14 million human-verified contacts
  • Unlimited data access
  • Data on buying intent, including over 12,000 topics
  • CRM automation for exporting data
  • Free RevDriver Chrome Extension for real-time prospecting

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

3. ZoomInfo - Detailed Company Profiles and Business Intelligence

ZoomInfo is another leading sales intelligence platform that provides detailed company profiles and business intelligence tools. With access to a vast database of contacts and company information, ZoomInfo enables sales teams to find and engage with their target audience effectively. The platform offers real-time updates and AI-powered insights to help sales teams stay ahead of the game.

Key Features:

  • Detailed company profiles and business intelligence tools
  • CRM integration for seamless data synchronization
  • Prediction using modeling
  • Cross-channel marketing via tracking website visits

Check out how SMARTe is a better choice than Cognism & ZoomInfo.

4. Seamless - Real-time Data Intelligence Search Engine

Seamless.AI is a unique alternative to Cognism that positions itself as a real-time data intelligence search engine. The platform provides users with access to B2B contacts, including email addresses, phone numbers, direct dials, and buyer intent data. Seamless.AI offers features such as news and person alerts to help users identify and contact the right prospects.

Key Features:

  • Real-time data intelligence search engine
  • Lead validation and lead quality analysis
  • Integration with popular CRMs and sales tools

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

5. Clearbit - Data Enrichment and Personalization

Clearbit focuses on data enrichment and offers the ability to append over 100 data points to a company's profile. This includes information about the company's technology stack and employees. Clearbit integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs and marketing automation platforms, making it easy to incorporate into your existing sales and marketing workflows.

Key Features:

  • Data enrichment and personalization
  • Social media advertisement synchronization
  • Lead routing and scoring

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

6. Apollo.io - B2B Database and Engagement Suite

Apollo.io is a comprehensive sales and marketing platform that provides access to a B2B database of over 250 million contacts and 30 million companies. Along with its Engagement Suite, Apollo.io enables sales and marketing teams to run effective outbound activities and sequences. The platform offers features such as lead validation, enrichment, and analysis.

Key Features:

  • Lead validation, enrichment, and analysis
  • Browser extension for easy prospecting
  • CRM integration for seamless data synchronization

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

7. LeadIQ - AI-powered Prospecting and Sales Triggers

LeadIQ is a prospecting platform that helps users find B2B prospect data and track sales triggers. The platform utilizes AI technology to streamline the prospecting process, making it easier for sales teams to engage in faster outreach while maintaining personalization. LeadIQ integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to provide advanced filtering options.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered prospecting and sales triggers
  • Constant record updating and integration with industry-leading technologies
  • Analytics dashboard for insights

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

8. Lead411 - Global Contact and Company Data

Lead411 offers global contact and company data, with over 450 million contacts within 20 million companies worldwide. The database includes B2B emails, direct dials, and intent data, providing users with a wide range of options for their prospecting needs. Lead411 offers marketing services to develop custom prospect lists and identifies fast-growing companies.

Key Features:

  • Global contact and company data
  • Lead scoring for identifying fast-growing companies
  • Email and phone number lookup browser extension

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

9. UpLead - B2B Prospecting and Account-Based Marketing

UpLead is a B2B prospecting platform that provides access to contacts and company data from over 200 countries worldwide. The platform offers search filters, intent data, data enrichment, technology tracking, and account-based marketing capabilities. UpLead integrates seamlessly with major CRM platforms, making it easy to incorporate into your existing workflows.

Key Features:

  • Real-time lead generation
  • 50+ search filters for precise targeting
  • Integration with major CRM platforms

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

10. Lusha - B2B Data for Sales and Recruiting

Lusha is a platform that provides B2B data for sales, marketing, and recruiting teams. With its prospecting platform, web extension, and API, Lusha helps users find contact information for prospects and enriches business profiles. The platform integrates with popular CRM systems and offers dashboard analytics to track team members' prospecting activities.

Key Features:

  • B2B data for sales and recruiting
  • Export prospect lists to CRM or CSV
  • Integration with popular CRM systems

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

11. Slintel/6Sense - Sales Intelligence and Buyer Intent Data

Slintel, which has been acquired by 6Sense, offers a sales intelligence platform that provides B2B leads and buyer intent data. The platform delivers essential information about organizations and leads to sales and marketing teams. 6Sense also helps streamline lead generation and research processes, increase conversions, and maximize marketing ROI.

Key Features:

  • Sales intelligence and buyer intent data
  • Integration with major CRMs and sales tools

Evaluating data platforms to switch from Cognism?

Choosing the Right Cognism Alternative for Your Business

When comparing these Cognism alternatives, it's important to consider factors such as data accuracy, user interface, pricing, and specific features that align with your sales objectives. Each platform has its own strengths and may cater to different business needs, so a thorough evaluation based on your requirements is essential.

SMARTe stands out as a strong contender among the Cognism alternatives, offering accurate and comprehensive B2B data with unlimited access and advanced search capabilities. However, ZoomInfo, Seamless, Clearbit, Apollo.io, LeadIQ, Lead411, UpLead, Lusha, and Slintel/6Sense each offer unique features and capabilities that may better suit your business needs.

Take the time to assess each option, considering the features and pricing that align with your goals, and make an informed decision that will empower your sales team to thrive in today's competitive marketplace.


In conclusion, while Cognism is a popular sales intelligence platform, there are several alternatives available that offer unique features and benefits.

Every tool/vendor will have its set of strengths that may be favorable to your business and we believe there is a place for everyone to exist. A lot of SMARTe Customers use us along with Zoominfo to make their prospecting effective.

SMARTe competes with Cognism and has successfully helped well-known market leaders like Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, and more to create more opportunities in their TAM.

Get a demo to understand if wecould be an ideal fit for your company. We would be glad to run a live count check for you, based on your ICP 😊

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