Data Enrich/Refresh

Global Contact Data Append and Cleansing

There is over millions of data residing in many organizations’ data warehouse which has numerous problems raised by their Marketing and Sales teams such as duplicates, incorrect fields, blank/missing values, stale data, etc. No matter what steps people go with, but the data decay issue is a vast concern for many companies as it’s not feasible to observe their millions of prospects real-time for data refreshes. Moreover, blank and incorrect fields make it a nightmare to handle such big data anyways.

SMARTe’s Data Enrich/Refresh is all about cleaning and enriching your B2B contact data to smoothen your sales and marketing process. Using our Data Enrich/Refresh solution, you can enrich, verify, refresh and augment your Marketing and sales data through various channels such as inbound leads, web forms, CRM/MAP and event/tradeshow data - enabling you to concentrate only on your marketing efforts by hitting the right prospects at the right time.

Significantly improve your campaign ROI with the correct data needed to improve your segmentation and lead nurturing efforts.

Why you need to Enrich/Refresh your Data?

Data Standardization:

adding additional fields as per requirement

Fill gaps in data:

gain more insight into your target universe

Enrich data:

Do away with hassles of multiple data formats

Data Verification:

Verify and clean-up contact database

How we do it - See our Sanitizer in action!

SMARTe Sanitizer – Contact Data Append & Cleansing Solution

SMARTe’s Sanitizer is all about cleaning and enriching your contact data to smoothen your sales and marketing process.

Data Enrich/Refresh solution expands your customer knowledge, allowing you to identify new market opportunities and channel your marketing approach more effectively, Through our automated platform, you can select your data type as per your wish:-