Inbound Lead Append

Inbound leads from websites, landing pages, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, e-books, resource downloads or even phone queries, etc. are like gold dust for any organization. But such leads might not be accurate all the time. Now when your sales team contacts those leads, they may find, that all given information by the lead may not be accurate or may not match your criteria. With growing market of online and inbound marketing, focus on inbound leads have increased to a great extent. But the main problem is for following up on those leads. Sales team does not know who to prioritize and whom to ignore. Also marketing can’t blindly forward all the incoming queries for sales follow-up. Even if you would like to put any incoming lead into your ‘nurture program’, getting data verified is a critical first stage. As a result the real ROI on the inbound lead generation effort may not be effective.

Once you join hands with SMARTe, your inbound leads are now our responsibility. Leveraging our web technology and research methodology, we will fill up gaps in your data along with verifying your data for accuracy.

  • Take control of your inbound lead management – pass qualified leads (marketing qualified lead – MQLs) to sales team
  • Filling-up gaps in data: fill-in incomplete data pertaining to your lead criteria. Get a complete contact database with all necessary fields for your lead qualification and proper handover to sales
  • Data Verification/Clean-up: check data provided by prospects for accuracy and relevancy
  • Adding Additional Fields: Add all additional details required by your lead management systems, or fields left vacant during submission; without having to discourage submissions/downloads by using a long form.
  • Data standardization: convert your complete, accurate and verified contact data into your prescribed format for easy usage

Furthermore, even if you want to be doubly sure you have an option of deploying our telephonic research teams. So now your inbound lead data is complete, updated and verified.