Data Strategies

Data Consulting for real time ROI

Old Employee from Happy Customer

Has it happened with you that, the point of contact from your client’s company, has moved on?

Now, you can target and source vital data facts of those old employees (like Mr. X) who were working for an existing happy client (like ABC Inc.).

Targeting Business Units

Is it hard to figure out your existing company’s subsidiary/ business units’ relationship? Worry no more, as SMARTe can help you find and reach out to companies/ associates of your existing company (like ABC Inc.).

Look-alike Customers

Ever thought about how you can take the next step in your competitive target planning? Now get insight on competitive lists of customers; thus helping you to reach out to look-alike organizations like your existing customer base.

Customers’ Competitors’ Customers’

Have you tried to leverage your existing competitor’s customer base?

We provide insights on companies that are competitors to your competitors’ customers. This will help you to target companies (like DEF Inc. and PQR Inc.) which are similar to your competitors’ customer-base/