We provide B2B global contact database and intelligence services across the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Our market intelligence in Asia-Pacific

Having carried out projects in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, we understand the challenges inherent in doing business in much of the Asia-Pacific region, including balancing market share against margin, fast-changing supply chains, and a different approach to communications.

Our approach

Whilst most multinationals have a presence in Asia-Pacific, the majority still experience huge difficulties in gaining satisfactory market share and persuading clients to pay for the value that they receive. As a result, the most common types of work we conduct are:

  • Competitive Intelligence – Here, we provide insight of competition list of customers (Competitive Install-base), helping you reaching out to similar organizations like your existing customer base. It also gives you an insight to your competitor’s customers and their competitors.
  • Technology Intelligence – Here, we provide intelligence on companies using technology infrastructure within enterprises. This would help in targeting users of your competitor’s technology and their competitive landscape; as well as user-base of complementary/similar technology.
  • Localization Intelligence – here we provide insights on discovering country wise or local level presence of target accounts as desired by our customers. This includes a complete information of the target account like organization information country wise, state, wise, province wise, etc.

Underpinning our expertise when it comes to researching Asian markets is our understanding of how to draw information out of businesspeople in different geographies.

Are you are looking to enter Asia-Pacific, grow your existing business in the region, or explore the exciting opportunities available?