Over the past two decades, China has become a hugely important player on the world stage, creating enormous opportunities for Western companies of every size and scale.

Putting China in your hand

Up-to-date and accurate local market intelligence is absolutely key to any successful market entry or expansion strategy, which is why China has become one of the most important areas of focus for B2B International’s research services.

Our bi-lingual English-Mandarin speaking staff, enables us to offer exceptional services, whether you are looking to enter China for the first time, build up or improve your existing business there, or simply exploring the opportunities available.

Our offerings:

We work with organizations across a broad range of industry sectors. Our offerings include:

  • We make sure that the delivered contacts are accurate, relevant, complete and timely – thus ensuring best-in-class data quality
  • 100 % as per your needs and wish-list : you get what you need and not what is available in the market
  • You pay only for ‘Good Data’, thus optimizing your ROI on campaign data
  • Our customized data audits identifies gaps in your current data, allowing you to keep it healthy