Europe contains approximately 11% of the world’s population, yet its economic activities are considerable, accounting for around a third of the world’s GDP.

Our expertise in Europe

Over 180 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Europe and five of the world’s 10 largest economies are located on the continent, while the European Economic Area is the largest trading bloc in the world.

A region of huge diversity, the European Union alone comprises 28 nation states, with 24 official languages between them. Even within the European Monetary Union, over 10 different currencies are used.

Our services

Our services are tailor made to suit specific business needs of new-age marketing & sales professionals. Serving diverse marketing data and prospect intelligence programs of our customers; we have streamlined our services for optimum implementation of SMARTe solutions.

Data Audit & Strategy: Our Data Audit services can help you in understanding the hygiene of your existent contact data.

List Building & Data Cleansing: Our ContactGenie can help you run targeted marketing campaigns by providing a customized list of recipients, as per your business demands.

Company & Executive Profiling: Know your potential buyers, influencers and brand advocates better today to establish a long term relationship.

On-demand Marketing Lists: SMARTe helps B2B companies build highly targeted, relevant, validated and accurate On-Demand contact lists.