Financial Services

We are for sure living in interesting time, recently increasing ecosystem complexity has placed unprecedented demands upon financial services. According to research, ‘The future of financial services’, the next decade will see a radical transformation in the financial industry.

Consumer demand for financial industry will increase in all age groups, in particular Boomers and Generation Y. not only in their needs, but in services they purchase. Emerging technologies forcing in the financial service industry are impacting businesses.

The convergences of these forces provides a window of opportunity for financial industry to elevate business performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Financial companies are using data for their marketing purposes and to make lending decisions. But it’s been found that lot of people from the investment organizations are not frequently updating their information on web platforms. Professionals such as Risk Managers, Analysts, Traders, Portfolio Managers are not too socially active. Thus it is very tricky to find their exact job roles and decision-making capability. Additionally, they recognize the significance of competitive intelligence for generating business opportunities within their target market.

Specific Offerings:

  • Contact Sourcing – Identifying right contacts in the define target universe helping sales & marketing efforts.
  • Competitive Tracking – Uncover business secrets in competitive install bases and plan ‘way-in’.



One of the world’s leading multinational media and information firm approached SMARTe for solving their varied marketing data requirements. They were facing difficulty in discovering Traders & Analyst from Agriculture sector particularly in banks based out of USA and Europe. As a company that operates in more than 100 countries, our client sought our help, based on our in-depth Sales and Marketing domain expertise and logical methodologies, as well as our deep understanding of sales pipelines and revenues.


By using our Contact Discovery solution, we helped the client by using SMARTe’s technology web based crawler helping in sourcing contacts from various online sources. Approximately 3500+ companies and 5000+ contacts were sourced by SMARTe enabling true value and meeting our client’s desired expectations. Our solution helped the client in increasing their marketing effectiveness, sales pipelines and revenue by providing 100% accurate and relevant contact data.


A global leader in providing dedicated platform for business development asked us to prepare a focused targeting approach for discovering contacts from businesses with a revenue range of Euro (€) 300 million scouring through diverse industries.


With our comprehensive know-how of the sector and concentrated approach towards the specified geographies, we were able to elucidate our client where their business openings lie across the globe. We provided accurate and relevant custom-built contacts through our focused web based crawlers and research methodologies which includes tele-verification, covering around 37 countries.

  • Our Inside Sales team, gave glowing praise for the data that SMARTe had sourced for us. The contacts were relevant, the phone numbers were accurate and they were able to show a ROI of 1:39 – which is amazing!

    Ikram Ghani
    Director, Global Marketing Operations, CenturyLink Technology Solutions
  • SMARTe worked with us as a 'Global Data Partner', delivering contact data across 50+ countries across regions including Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    Derek Cox
    Managing Director, Esmerk
  • We at Akamai have found SMARTe’s approach to sourcing and verifying data very effective, providing accurate and relevant contact data customized to our specific business requirements

    Varun Gopalakrishnan
    Regional Marketing Manager, Akamai Technologies
  • SMARTe has been instrumental in us gaining traction in new commercial markets

    Hannah Grap
    Senior Director, Marketing Communications, SDL
  • Working with SMARTe, we have tripled our B2B contact list while increasing the accuracy of information from 25% to over 80%. These changes have resulted in a significant improvement in open and click through rates for our email campaigns

    Kristen Knouft
    Former SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Procurian (Now a part of Accenture)
  • I strongly recommend SMARTe and its demand generation solutions to any organization

    Swami Viswanathan
    Former VP of Products, SDL
  • In a field full of vendors claiming to have the 'best database with the most accuracy' and where 99% of companies don't come close to their claims; SMARTe stands out in that 1%.

    Christine Crandell
    Former SVP of Marketing , Accept Software (Acquired by Artemis)
  • “With Bespoke Contacts verified leads and data driven insights, our teams can now close 70% more leads the smarter, faster way. Their technology, domain expertise, game changing strategies and creativity differentiates them from all other providers. Add to this, SMARTe is the go-to source to turn unstructured data to clean, normalize and structured data, which enabled us to achieve 10x ROI growth along with 6x improvement in targeted campaigns.”

    Rozanne Bonavito
    Vice President, Global Demand Generation at Aria Systems
  • SMARTe provides the most accurate list building service that I have found. They take the time to find accurate contact information for all target companies with great results.

    Sharon Bell
    Director Marketing, CD Networks