Tradeshow Data Append

Thinking about what will you do with the attendee list provided by trade show organizers? Generally, your event organizers provide you with past attendee list prior to the event. This given list might help you with analyzing the type of audience you can expect at the event.

  • Some event organizers may provide partial details of people who have confirmed their participation. But most of the times you will find: The attendee data is devoid of contact details: without email id, phone number and even physical address. So doing a marketing campaign specific to that event becomes a challenge with only Company Names, Job Titles and sometimes Job Titles!
  • Data without company information: lack of accurate Firmographic data prevent event marketers to categorize and qualify ‘best-fit’ audience for event related networking, appointment setting, special offers, etc. Without proper identification and qualification of attendees; your own participants would end-up doing a ‘wild goose chase’!
  • Data in endless formats: if you use campaign management tools like Marketing Automation, CRM or other such systems; you would like event contact data to be in your prescribed formats. Unfortunately event contact data format vary with each organizer. So managing campaigns through a centralized system becomes challenging

SMARTe Event Data Sanitizer enables you to utilize your Pre-Event Attendee Contact Data in the most efficient way by verifying, cleansing and appending your lists. SMARTe with its phone validation process involving Technology Enablers and manual intervention including Phone Validation will enrich your tradeshow data and provide you ready-to-use data.

What about data collected during the event?

B2B organizations spend a lots of money, time and efforts of their event participants. Sales and Marketing network with other attendees, exchange business cards; booth workers use tools like Lead Retrieval, RFID/Barcode Reader etc. to capture information on visitors. Now to do proper post event follow-ups; one needs

  • Data in prescribed standard format as per campaign tool requirements
  • Verification of captured data
  • Adding additional information (Firmographic and Contact Level) to be able to categorize and qualify for follow-ups
  • On-going refresh of data to keep it relevant
  • With SMARTe Tradeshow Data Sanitizer, you could achieve all these and more!

Some points about online events

Online events like Webinars, Podcasts, Virtual Conference, etc. are other popular and effective tools for B2B brands to showcase their thought leadership and generate potential leads. These online channels are cost effective ways to generate interest of relevant audience across geographies and more frequently. Online event registration is a great way to build opt-in database. Best practices suggest to keep registration from short with few necessary fields. To encourage more sign-ups! But all necessary data can’t be covered through short registration forms.

  • With SMARTe you can gather all other necessary data; allowing you to keep your Web Forms crisp and short
  • Verify and enrich information provided by your registered attendees – for proper classification, qualification and post event follow-ups

Thus SMARTe Sanitizer for Tradeshows and other events provide Marketers multiple value propositions to use event contact data for optimum ROI.