Audience Intelligence Agent (AIA)

Audience Intelligence Agent (AIA): SMARTe way to profile your target audience/attendee

AIA is offered as a part of our Sales & Marketing Intelligence solution – InfoGenie

In this category, here we provide insights on attendees participating in competitor’s events or other similar events in the industry /domain. Help targeting attendees of your competing events or closely related events/tradeshows; for participation and sponsorship.

Why is profiling ideal attendee for your event important?

For any event to be a successful one, it’s very necessary to have a landscape about your competitors’ events or any other events in the industry. This way you can profile the right audience to reach out to market your own event

  • You don’t have to ‘start from the scratch’ or educate about events as a part of marketing strategy to your audience, as they already have done that
  • Past attendees of industry events are likely to be better qualified prospect for your exhibitors and sponsors – enhancing chances of ROI from your events to all stakeholders
  • You can even shortlist and reach out to ‘Thought Leaders’ from past events; for speaking assignments in your event
  • Event research will also help in designing the appropriate agenda and event format (Tradeshow, Seminars, Roadshow, etc.)

Value propositions of our Audience Intelligence

For event organizers

  • Obtain insights on attendees of competing or similar events in the industry segments you have presence
  • Reach out to the right audience that is better informed and better qualified prospects for your exhibitors and sponsors
  • Design the appropriate agenda and event formats based on attendee intelligence
  • Reach out to ‘thought leaders’ for speaking assignments in your events

For Event Marketers

  • Profile your ideal prospects from pre and post event attendee data gathered; for appropriate nurture and follow-ups
  • Build-up appropriate audience for your online events like Webinars, Podcasts, etc.
  • Generate Content, Design and other messaging based on appropriate audience insights