Competitive Intelligence Agent (CIA)

Competitive Intelligence Agent (CIA) : SMARTe way to get market and competitor insights

CIA is offered as a part of our Sales & Marketing Intelligence solution – InfoGenie

Here, we provide insights of competitive install-base scenarios for you. This includes direct or indirect competitors, partners/alliances, technology (product/services) which are complementary or supplementary, category of technology used, etc. It also gives you an insight into your competitors’ customers and companies similar to them.

Let’s look at various scenarios where CIA solution can feed you with Actionable Sales & Marketing Intelligence for competitive landscape of your company.

Competitive Installed-base Study

For ascertaining which companies are using your competitor’s products/services, what variation/version in use, any plans for upgrade/ alternate evaluation, contract duration and renewal, etc. SMARTe also caters to specific business instances like competitor exiting a market or product; segment; mergers & acquisitions, management changes, market expansions, deal renewals, etc within install-base accounts. Moreover we can also track macro elements like Socio-economic-political developments in specific geographies, any regulatory changes, disruptive technology changes; anything that might be of business importance to you!

Product/Service Category Scenario

In this case, you are interested to understand the prevailing situation within target accounts (existing customers, ideal prospects, key players in particular industries or market, etc.) regarding usage/adoption of product/service/technology similar to yours For example, within your list of target companies, what CRM, ERP, BPM, or BI solution they are using. Say your product or service can be easily integrated with a particular ERP then others. Then you can easily prioritize the companies using that particular ERP to pitch your offering. Or, if you have a better value proposition against a particular similar (may not be direct competitive) product being used, then you can design your marketing message and approach accordingly.

Partner Landscape Exploration

Unrevealing who are the partners to your organizations of interest (your competitor, customer ideal prospects, etc.). How does it help? Well, you might have something to offer as better value proposition, or complementary/supplementary product or service, which might form an alliance to market to your common users. Another instance is, you may wish to uncover the install-base of your own partners for a different channel of marketing & sales

Service/Product Line Users

What if your product/service/technology has usage or appeal to specific types of user segment. Like you have a software which can be easily marketed to existing SaaS users! Why? because you don’t have to teach them the benefits of SaaS over other deployment modes. Anyone advocating marketing technology in SaaS mode(Marketing Automation, Social Media, CRM, etc.) over SaaS model; have better chance of embracing an Accounting or HR software in the same mode. Isn’t it? Similarly if any organization historically deploys ‘Legacy Technology’ (read traditional deployment modes like ‘on premises’, ‘Perpetual License’, etc.), you can decide your ‘entry point’ accordingly.

So our CIA solution provides a way to first uncover the business secrets in your target market and plan your ‘way-in’ accordingly; based on solid facts and rationale, instead of just running marketing campaigns just for the sake of it! Your Sales and Business Development guys would bless you for making their lives easier and providing them with ‘Actionable Intelligence’ and a ready ‘Sales Pitch’.