Localization Intelligence Agent (LIA)

Firmographic Database Solutions

Localization Intelligence Agent – Measures the presence of your target market to local level

LIA is offered as a part of our Marketing Intelligence solution – InfoGenie

In this category, here we provide insights on discovering country wise presence of target accounts. This includes a complete information of the target account like its companies position country wise, state, wise, province wise etc.

Suppose you have to enter a new market and want to know about the strength of your competitors, how can you measure your competitors presence in the market? Will you be able to find out the this information about your target accounts? Even if yes then it will be a brain racking and time consuming process. SMARTe with its domain expert will be able to serve you with insights of your target accounts country wise, state wise and city wise.

After having insights of your target accounts you can have a deep understanding of their place in market and now you can enter the market with information you need about your target accounts.

  • Discover the presence of your target accounts country wise, state wise, city wise, etc.
  • Gather firmographic data including organizational structure, procurement structure, etc,