Technology Intelligence Agent (TIA)

Technology Intelligence Agent (TIA): SMARTe Insight to Technology Infrastructure Landscape

TIA is offered as a part of our Sales & Marketing Intelligence solution – InfoGenie

In this category, we provide Technology Infrastructure Intelligence of business enterprises. It can be for finding technology landscape of ‘named accounts’, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies, etc.

Leveraging search technologies, processes and skilled domain experts; SMARTe can provide you with accurate insights into technology ecosystem, including aspects like hardware, applications, infrastructure, networking, security, data management, etc. This exploration covers various elements like Enterprise Packages (ERP, ECM, CRM, SCM, etc.), Point Solutions (HR, Recruitment & Talent Management, Accounting, etc.), Specific Usage (Voice, Data Management, etc.), and Industry/Domain Specific Technology (Healthcare – HIS/EHR, Financial Services – Portfolio Management, etc.); among others.

Position your technology offering based on existing technology installation

Now can you utilize the technology intelligence at your disposal? Let’s see the following instances:

  • Scenario I
  • Suppose, you have a specific technology which talks about the pain points of a particular business area. The next step for you should be to enter into the market and profile your ideal target accounts. Prior to pitching your product/solution, if you have the complete knowledge of the existing technology ecosystem of these companies, it would assist you to develop the right approach towards selling your product!
  • You see a gap in the technology infrastructure well, here is your chance to hit the right people within these companies with the right value propositions
  • You see a fit with a certain existing technology – position as a complementary or supplementary offering
  • You see an opportunity of disruptive technology (or change in technology adoption) -Bull’s Eye! You have the early mover advantage
  • Scenario II
  • In this situation, presume that you have a direct competitive technology. Through our TIA solution, we help you to comply the list of companies using that specific technology. You will then have an option of directly offering trade-in, migration; taking insight from the technology infrastructure picture we demonstrate you.
  • Scenario III
  • Let’s take the third scenario now. Suppose you want to know the direct companies which are similar to your competitor’s user-base that are more likely to utilize or adopt your technology. We can assist you here by providing you with the list of companies who are competitors to users of your competing technology. Thus, you can focus on those companies whose needs are similar to the competitor’s user-base.

Contact Data to augment intelligence gathered

And off course we will provide you the profiles of relevant decision makers as per your criteria. You just have to reach out to them with all the right reasons!