Plan your data before an ABM Campaign


We all face a common problem as marketers, that most of the times companies do not have an accurate Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP), which is very essential for ABM. It is very vital to have details for your leads and target audiences regarding their Job Title, Seniority, decision making, etc.

Bespoke Contacts tides over the biggest obstacle of ABM – high-quality data. As the success of ABM campaign solely hinges on high-quality data, our revolutionary DaaS offering – Bespoke Contacts which prides itself on providing 100% accurate global custom data will show the way for scaling your ABM charter. Bespoke Contacts will make sure your ABM strategies puts emphasis on right accounts, thus accelerating deal closure rates to meet your company’s revenue and business goals.

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Reaching to your ideal prospects?

Are you aware that most of the marketers target to existing accounts from their CRM and MAP systems? For increasing their list of targets, they run & promote campaigns to fetch new accounts in their database. Do you feel it’s the best method for finding new customers? No, and let’s see why.

While running campaigns, your message usually hits to the same target over and over again. Resulting in your success metric to weaken and your market starts to appear exhausted. Read more

SiriusDecisions Europe 2016 – A Memorable & Enriching Experience

SiriusDecisions seventh annual European Summit was held in London on Monday & Tuesday, which was attended by more than 600 Vice Presidents’, Senior Directors’, C-Level Marketers, and many of my colleagues at SMARTe over 2 days of data-driven best practices research, new innovations across the b-to-b space, and an opportunity to network with an elite community of European sales, marketing and product leaders.

Like last year, the SiriusDecisions team made sure that the event was completely satisfying for all the participants and sponsors. The conference itself is composed of general session to unveil the latest b-to-b research and insights, intimate breakout sessions with SiriusDecisions analysts on niche topics, and customer case study presentations, all focused on operationalizing our growth strategy. Read more

Bad Data Out, Good Data In – Marketers Dream come true

90% of the time the most troublesome piece for any Marketing professional is the relevancy and data correctness of their existing in-house databases

Most commonly faced pain points are:

  • Unorganized, stale or redundant existing data: resulting high email bounces and Call-drop rates as well as; time wasted on cleaning huge amount of data
  • Failure to understand and build your ‘ideal buyer profiles’

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Use Case on Global Contact Discovery for Data Centers

Data Centers are specialized environments specifically organized for safeguarding a company’s most valuable equipment and intellectual property. It is very essential in undertaking storage and management of huge data and information. Nowadays, Data Centers continue to be the main service hub to drive innovation with a new paradigm for business agility and response. Read more

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) – way forward for tomorrows data-driven marketers

As more number of marketers are realizing the bitter truth about the quality of data impacting their campaigns, they are increasingly getting bogged down with claims of various data vendors and legacy providers. Add to this, more number of data vendors are claiming to offer them millions of records at a throwaway price and this is driving today’s marketers to look forward to new hope or nirvana. Read more

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